Gancia Prosecco

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This sparkling is made from the best selection of Glera grapes coming from the Prosecco area. Production takes place between Friuli and Veneto, in the area of the Prosecco di Treviso. After harvesting, the grapes are soft pressed and then vinified in white (without the skins) at 18° C controlled temperature. Particular attention is given to the fermentation temperature in order to enhance the aromatic characteristics of Prosecco.


Carlo Gancia, born in 1829, spent an initial period of study and training at Reims to learn the production techniques for champagne before returning to Italy to establish, in 1850, the "Fratelli Gancia" Company. By exploiting and re-elaborating these notions and applying them to the typical muscat grapes cultivated in the area, Gancia created a new type of champagne in 1865 and called it Italian Sparkling Wine. Carlo thus became the founder and author of the first official regulations for the production of the very first Italian Classic Method, the same method still utilized today. It is to those same experiments and intuitions of 150 years ago that the Gancia range of today owes its present success.

From 1850, the foundation of the first cellar in Canelli, to today, Gancia has known how to create, innovate, expand and confirm itself. Carlo Gancia's initial intuitions, his passion for the land and for the vines, the constant search and the innovative and pioneering use of publicity have proven to be the solid roots upon which Gancia has grown over the years to assume protagonist role in Italy and a relevant presence on European and Worldwide markets.

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750 ml
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